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India is a country, where there is a latent need for insurance, but supply has always been a gap. Though insurance penetration inched up over the years, it was still significantly low, compared to consumer need and outreach. While consumers in top tier cities still had some access, the challenge existed in ‘Real Bharat’; where there was a lack of information, lack of insurance offices, mis-selling of products; thus, making the insurance demand-supply gap more rampant.

Re-Alliance Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Incorporated on 14th September 2021 by a Group of Experienced Professionals, with the objective of acting as consultancy provide. DialforInsurance is the outcome of the vision of – Making Insurance simple and accessible to all.

DialforInsurance consumers can select from a choice of insurers, compare prices and features, buy Insurance in a hassle-free manner; all advised and guided by DialforInsurance trained POSP advisors, who support them at every step of the insurance process. Consumers can select insurance from 35+ leading insurance companies, across motor, life and health insurance. The entire insurance process is paperless, contactless and insurance policies are issued instantly. With thousands of POSP advisors, spread across the country.


Here is what only DialforInsurance offers you:

  1. Lowest premiums for your Motor, Health & Life Insurance
  2. 1-Click Renewal
  3. Buy Policy in 3 easy steps
  4. Expertise and advice to help you choose the right company and the right insurance type
  5. Claim assistance

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